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We provide unique support to journalists – and we need your help

The Fund for Investigative Journalism provides grants and other support to journalists to produce high-quality, unbiased investigative stories that have an impact.

We provide support directly to investigative reporters for stories that uncover wrongdoing by powerful people or institutions. Our Board of Directors, comprised of highly accomplished journalists, reviews every grant application and approves those that are most likely to have an impact. In addition to providing critical funding to cover the expenses of investigations, we also connect our grantees with editorial mentors, legal help and training.

The Fund for Investigative Journalism was founded in 1969. One of our first grants helped then-freelancer Seymour Hersh break the story of the My Lai massacre, which won the Pulitzer Prize and marked a turning point in public opposition to the Vietnam War. In the decades since, we've made it possible for reporters to expose campaign finance scandals, unlawful prison conditions, civil rights violations, environmental abuses and much more. Stories published with our support have sparked reform at the local, state and federal levels, led to resignations and arrests of public officials, and triggered changes in practices of corporations and government agencies alike. Stories produced with our support have been recognized with virtually every major award in journalism, including multiple Pulitzer Prizes.

Our work is more necessary now than at any point in our 52-year history, and we've expanded our work and our impact significantly. We need your help. Your donation will help journalists report stories that wouldn't be told otherwise – stories that have a powerful impact on important issues at the local, state and national levels.